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normandy death cart "k.i.a"

a wehrmacht unteroffizier Death Notice off "ludwig stohr " he served in luftnachrichteneinheit died on 12-06-1944 in his 37 year of life
in very nice condition ver nice to explore further

Code: 51600

20.00 EUR

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in used condition a LUGER PISTOL 9MM AMMUNITION BOX " Patronenkasten" for 16 rounds of ammo in nice used condition

Code: 51599

12.00 EUR

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Japanese senninbari {one-thousand stitch belt)

very nice used Japanese senninbari One-thousand stitch is a strip of cloth that measures approximately 15 cm (6 in) high and up to 90–120 cm (3–4 ft) or more in length. Each end of the belt (sash) may or may not have strings, snaps or buttons that allow it to be fastened about the waist. Examples that lack these were often tucked into the waist. Other variations were never worn but may have been folded and placed inside helmet liners, pockets or packs. Senninbari were decorated with 1000 knots or stitches, and each stitch was normally made by a different woman.12 Senninbari were given as an amulet by women to soldiers on their way to war.

Code: 51598

250.00 EUR

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German cigars in the original packaging

a nice German cigars in the original packaging
unfortunately, the packaging will let go a bit on the edge .from the brand burger very nice for display

Code: 51597

20.00 EUR

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luftwaffe breadbag belt

luftwaffe breadbag belt very nice bread bag belt .in very nice condition no marker. a very nice luftwaffe bread bag belt

Code: 51596

20.00 EUR

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Dutch post-war police helmet

in nice used condition a Dutch post-war police helmet nice for display

Code: 51595

55.00 EUR

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German sweater

Nice german sweater made from italian wool
beautiful for under your tunic in nice mint condition

Code: 51594

375.00 EUR

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a luftwaffe feldebel der flakartillery tunic "Flieger Blouse"

a nice used condition a luftwaffe feldebel der flakartillery tunic
all emblems are originally applied .unfortunately there are a few moth holes in it with nice size stamp
marker is unfortunately not readable

Code: 51593

725.00 EUR

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us personal belongings pouch

in very nice mint condition a us personal belongings pouch a waterproof bag for the soldier to put their personal items in in mint condition

Code: 51592

30.00 EUR

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rare original waffen ss typewrite

in used condition a rare original waffen ss typewrite
at the number 5 is the ss signs. only they have filed the ss signs of the hammer Unfortunately .he is still in his original wooden box no marker found in nice used condition ask for shipping costs. because öff the weight

Code: 51591

600.00 EUR

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